What is make you great?

We read a lot of thing about( success. Self confidence. happiness. Good life………etc) and we think that what we can make it by own self. It is right but it is 20% from the truth. If you read the history about the heroes and great people and the prophets. Any kind of successful people in different situation and ages. And you can find they start their journey by them selves .but they couldn’t continue their way because they are alone no one believe them no one with them they stops to believe about themselves.but they don’t want stop. 80% its make them great and they reach the Greatest places which is. For( prophets and philosopher , inventor, poets…etc) every great persons. their wives or best companions and friends. they support and believes them .to continuous the journey of life for making a good life. not just for them selves .even for humanity and next generation to believe what makes you great . What make us great human if we focus 80%. But we always think about our selves.