This feeling if he come to you. You have a choice if you keep it as a friend or enemy. If you keep it your enemy you are not feel peacefully you will feel that you are alone new meaning of your life you wasting breath. Sometimes it come to you when you decide you want to be happy you’re starting to laugh you starting to smile but he kick you from inside your Saul or your body. you looking around you everything is black you living in your world the world No 1 with you . just only you. you’re missing everything when should someone who stand with you. you look around yourself your world is empty you just only see craves. One it is empty it is for you. Because no one with you to hold your hand and made it to the Great and the green and the beautiful place.just look into your death. I know it is horrible but true. The big problem its happen to you when you help people for what they need. When no one ask you what you need. People are good for smiling For good talk. they are made the whole picture for their life to said we are ok.