Could I make it real!

In my semester of my first year in university. And I have in a day many class. One of my classes there a teacher of my English class. and that time he was talking about dreaming the higher education and improving yourself. My friend in class after the doctor finish his speech class they laugh and they sure that is Fairy Tail it’s a talk from man he had PhD and he want make his self great. For me in my inside these what I want in my live .thes my reality I want to achieve thes. Always sitting with doctor talked with him about he’s speech is that real how you can do that. for me and my environment you will lose your life for nothing .accept your reality even in religion stay as you are. as your relative as a traditional. You should be in the safe environment. We always talking he was my mentor after 5 month I believed that I can do what I want I can change as the way I want. When no one around me they want change. He told me how he prepare his master degree in the age of the war in his country and what happened to him because effects of the war. if you hear his story you will say it( his life is tough he is hopeles he’s the war victim) but if you hear him and his talk to his family how they proud for him and what he achieve . And they said that and I heared the bombing in the place next his village and it is normal for them because they Hare that everyday. (I realise that no matter of your situation no matter what happened to your country. you have to follow your goal your dream to make people in the world. out of your society. out of your religion to make there life and achieve dreams.