Many people they know about the word. But they don’t know the meaning of loneliness . Loneliness kill you without using knife without bullets It’s give you suffering. It is let you that life is the hell itself. No one around you everyone just listen. and they don’t know that in your what happen in inside you. you do everything good you share there laugh. But you suffering inside . You feeling death when you already live. No one call you when you need help them .you think you are wasting your time for living no one care about you if you live Or die how you can confess and tell them that I am not laughing because myself I’m laugh because all of you laughing I don’t want to destroy your enjoyment I care about them to keep the smile when my inside not laugh it is destroy it is blame asking yourself.( who one of them or all of them they ask you about your feeling how is you importance in his life are you sad are you happy.