Try to made a new life

When I started my University. And the university is far away from my hometown I said to myself( that good new city will try to made a new life her. and I have chance to work for my dream. And that time I I didn’t ask my father anything I want to do everything by my own. I have my own apartment my own car. I go from my apartment to my University daily I met friends and I was shocked because this my first time to be a social person but when I stay with them a lot of time I realise that they have same style of my old environment and I saw that they don’t want to change. they not working for there dreams they just want take certificate and work and get married this the only thing they live for and they have negativity things about life that is everything is impossible because god will not let you to do what you dreaming for .if he need you meirzepol you will be as he want and don’t think that you will you change that he will not let you and etc… to much negativity and I started to be as they said Intel the next semester and I found that doctor in my class he let me change my mind my style of my life and he be my best friend.