Where is your way

Everyone ask himself what is my goal in this life. Can I fulfill my dream. Can I do everything what I want?. Can I do that and this? Many question about the goal and dream. In my life when I was 16 I dream a lot, I want achieve something in my life. But environment around me doesn’t help me. Or they don’t know what I want what I dreaming for? 7 years in my whole life I just lived as a normally people. Just living as any other ordinary man. I finished my middle school and just the dream was in my mind only thinking about my dream. Without action to do it no one help I was responsible of everything my family and thinking what they want .forgetting what I want no life for my dream no life for a vision .it was a word I write it in my notebook and I throw it and I remember that I said .it will not happen .it will not be true.