its in our life.

–everyone read this letter you have one of these (depressed, loneliness, and pain of heart brooking…..etc) and its cause you negativity falling in dark, your feeling Disappoint you. to how you dealing with people. life is nothing. you cant Adapt with people and friends around you. no one knows what is your dreaming. and what you thinking in your mind you can’t share any thought with anyone . and you have relationships with best friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. but these relationships not wrote to continue you get(cheating, humiliation, bully,)from who we couldn’t believe one day they do that. and we will be crying many days blaming our self. that is our fault for believing abut the person in our relationships.

and a result of that we believing in books of philosopher abut life and happiness and positive and helping others only by thoughts and good talks and try to make life is perfect.  we struggling we fight. spend times to development our educated and mad mind conscious for benefit of our life and others.

but we will find from us people they have contradictions(what causes in his past about that person let his/her heart unconsciously Sam as that person or that situations in the past). what in there talk not in there heart.  they thinking positive but the words not touching their heart. there heart not believing to change others. they following the way of chance. when you started to be good with by open heart with them. soon you realize they are (arrogant, grudging, selfishness, profiteered, looking for revenge ) there caring about their self only . and others are below them.

we need to know how much do we have of knowledge we will not be successful or our success will be shallow successful. no benefit for humanity except words in paper nothing except good words to let who listen to be happy. if what is in our mind not touche our heart and put it in action we will be conflicting and that why there negativity and depressed in our life. we do not judge our self for changing inside before outside. we have left (the virtue of heart, lack of faith in the abilities of others, straightening of heart, affection,…etc)

to be caring  about our self is good  but if we  continue for this believe.  we will lose our soul.  knowledge without moral and purity of heart and doing it in action. its nothing. we will not help humanity for development we will built knowledge and it will  use by who like destruction for humanity for his benefit.we need to be honest in inside our self before outside. its first steps to let who need knowledge to  accept from us. our  moral ravel out if there benefit in our knowledge or not.